Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists

Title: Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists
Release date: 2018
Genres: Documentary
Actors: Ed Opperman, Bobby Seale, John Potash
Director: John Potash
Movie length: 120 min

Evidence supports that the CIA manipulated musicians and activists to promote drugs for social control, particularly regarding the Civil Rights and anti-war movements. Some musicians that resisted these manipulations were killed.

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Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists belongs to Documentary genre and is released in 2018. John Potash is one of my loved actors (who does not enjoy John Potash?) and this was the main reason why I had to to watch this film. John Potash was the actor who has magic, who had his own reality. 100%, Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists film is a truly one of the greatest film in Documentary genre in 2018. Movie length is 120 mins. Do you need to see top-quality experience this evening? Waiting? Start watching Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists film right now. Like this movie; and share it.

Diana to Meghan: Royal Wedding Secrets

Title: Diana to Meghan: Royal Wedding Secrets
Release date: 2018
Genres: Documentary
Actors: Nicholas Rowe, Sophie Countess of Wessex, Kate Middleton, Sarah Ferguson, Meghan Markle, Pippa Middleton, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Prince Harry Windsor, Prince Philip, Luke McLaughlin
Director: Luke McLaughlin
Movie length: 45 min

A behind-the-scenes look at royal weddings revealing how these grand events are organised. Featuring interviews with the performers, florists, dressmakers, tailors, security guards, vicars and jewellers who helped make the day so special.

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You really need to watch numba one scene now? Are you interested in spending some enjoyable time by yourself or with your friends? Then you should just watch Diana to Meghan: Royal Wedding Secrets that is definitely one of the best actions of 2018 in Documentary category. Such a well-known actors like: Pippa Middleton, Meghan Markle, Luke McLaughlin, Prince Charles, Kate Middleton are acting in it and it is really the truth that their acting would bring tons of cool positive emotions to you. Running time of the action is: 45 mins. We think you would certainly like it so much and wish you a good screening. Hope that you 100% will love this action. 8) Bookmark Diana to Meghan: Royal Wedding Secrets link and share.

The FGM Detectives

Title: The FGM Detectives
Release date: 2018
Genres: Documentary; Crime
Actors: Cathy Newman, Joanna Potts
Director: Joanna Potts
Movie length: 60 min

The horrific crime of female genital mutilation is banned in the UK but it is estimated that nearly 20,000 young women a year are still at risk of the procedure. And despite being banned more than 30 years ago, there have been no successful convictions. This harrowing documentary, from reporter Cathy Newman, follows the work of DCI Leanne Pook and her team, who are tackling the crime in Bristol.

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The FGM Detectives is a very monotonous film. In our opinion, one of the worst actions of 2018. It is about 60 min of uninteresting stuff with bad play of Joanna Potts and other Joanna Potts, Cathy Newman. You don’t believe in things they are doing, you don’t believe in speeches of theirs, you don’t believe in emotions that they are playing. We want to say with 100% confidence that The FGM Detectives is one of the most boring and unimpressive actions in Documentary. The rates of the movie are so low. Watch the movie if you ready don’t have what to do and just to spend 60 min of your life. If you are mad about Documentary films with much of superior action then The FGM Detectives is the best film for you. Still waiting? Go and begin watching this film right now. Don’t forget to bookmark page.

Dope Mania

Title: Dope Mania
Release date: 1987
Genres: Documentary
Actors: Johnny Legend, Johnny Legend
Director: Johnny Legend
Movie length: 60 min

A compilation of trailers for exploitation films from the ’20s to the ’60s focusing on the subject of drug use.

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If you are so crazy about Documentary films with lots of great action then Dope Mania is the best film for you. Dope Mania is an average picture and that is why there is an average rating it gets from us and from a lot of people who spent time with it. This is a film in Documentary genre with average acting of famous actors like Johnny Legend, Johnny Legend. It is possible to find some catchy ideas that are opened in it but there are a lot moments of the film are not done well at all. So, if you have got some free time and want to watch Dope Mania from 1987 with duration 60 minutes then you are able to do it. Still waiting? Go and start watching Dope Mania film right now. Don’t hesitate to bookmark this film.

A Year in Space

Title: A Year in Space
Release date: 2016
Genres: Documentary
Actors: Mark Kelly, Scott Kelly, Barack Obama, Jonathan Halperin, Shaul Schwarz
Director: Jonathan Halperin; Shaul Schwarz
Movie length: 58 min

Astronaut Scott Kelly’s record-breaking year in space from launch to landing.

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You can’t wait any longer for checking up some high quality and fascinating action? Then you should not be against of having a lot of delightful time with A Year in Space, the nice movie of year 2016. It is definitely so cool for all fans of Documentary category and if you are the one from them then just start getting delight with it right here! Great acting of Mark Kelly, Jonathan Halperin, Scott Kelly would impress you. The movie duration is 58 mins. A Year in Space movie line will gonna boom your mind in pieces. Have an own opinion? Submit them in our comments form. You have to sign in.

Life in Hollywood No 4

Title: Life in Hollywood No 4
Release date: 1927
Genres: Documentary; Short
Actors: John Barrymore, Monte Blue, Alice Calhoun, Harold Goodwin, Corinne Griffith, Alan Hale, Tony the Horse, Buck Jones, Bessie Love, Ernst Lubitsch
Movie length: 10 min

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Do you really want to see fantastic movie this night? Life in Hollywood No 4 is one of the worth of all movies in Documentary genre that I have ever examined and I just do not looking forward to advise it to anyone! Of course, if u have 10 m of free time and haven’t got any imagination about what to do then u could watching the movie, but not in other cases. Here is the list of actors who act in the action their not the best roles: Monte Blue, John Barrymore, Tony the Horse. So, We are sure it is one of the most uninteresting of all Documentary movies in the year 1927. And so only if u haven’t got any idea about how to spend free evening then watch it. Have an own opinion? Post them in our comment box. You must sign in.

Resistance at Tule Lake

Title: Resistance at Tule Lake
Release date: 2017
Genres: Documentary; History
Actors: Roger Daniels, Grace Hata, Satsuki Ina, Tetsuden Kashima, Hiroshi Kashiwagi, Sadako Kashiwagi, Bill Nishimura, Hiroshi Shimizu, Barbara Takei, Sachiko Takita-Ishii, Konrad Aderer
Director: Konrad Aderer
Movie length: 78 min

Resistance at Tule Lake tells the long-suppressed story of 12,000 Japanese Americans who dared to resist the U.S. government's program of mass incarceration during World War II. Branded as 'disloyals' and re-imprisoned at Tule Lake Segregation Center, they continued to protest in the face of militarized violence, and thousands renounced their U.S. citizenship. Giving voice to experiences that have been marginalized for over 70 years, this documentary challenges the nationalist, one-sided ideal of wartime 'loyalty.'

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There are a lot of interesting movies in History genre that were released in 2017 but we are sure that Resistance at Tule Lake is the best of them all! You should just examine all things that wait for you to be seen here and there are absolutely no doubts that you would not stay disappointed or some other things like that. Duration of Resistance at Tule Lake is 78 mins. Such well-known actors like Sachiko Takita-Ishii, Sadako Kashiwagi, Bill Nishimura are acting here and their acting is nice. The director made right choice with Sachiko Takita-Ishii that is the actor of the main role of the movie and that is making it looking unordinary and nice. Do you need to watch remarkable experience this night? Don’t wait. Start watching the movie right now. Like this movie… and share it.

The American Meme

Title: The American Meme
Release date: 2018
Genres: Documentary
Actors: Kirill Bichutsky, Hailey Bieber, Amanda Cerny, Dane Cook, DJ Khaled, Matthew Felker, Brittany Furlan, Paris Hilton, Josh Ostrovsky, Lele Pons, Bert Marcus
Director: Bert Marcus
Movie length: 90 min

THE AMERICAN MEME follows the journeys of four shocking social media disruptors, Paris Hilton (@parishilton), Josh Ostrovsky (@thefatjewish), Brittany Furlan (@brittanyfurlan) and Kirill Bichutsky (@slutwhisperer), as they hustle to create empires out of their online footprints. Although their paths to influencer status are distinct, their respective followings are akin to small armies.

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We are sure that the flick of 2018 and with duration of 90 mins would be added by you to your favorite collection and that you would re-watch it some more times after examining it for the first time. It is truth that you are a so lucky visitor because now you visited right place, the place where you could find the Documentary film that you would love! The American Meme is made by right people who certainly know how to produce wonderful actions and Hailey Bieber, Josh Ostrovsky, Lele Pons, Paris Hilton, Bert Marcus here acting so cool and on right place. The story is not only a fantastic must watch and funny film, but it is created to be a classic. Hope that you will get pleasure from this show. 😉 Like The American Meme movie and share.


Title: Caffeinated
Release date: 2015
Genres: Documentary; Adventure; News
Actors: Jeremy Adams, Andrew Alcala, Sarah Allen, Graziano Boldrini, Aleco Chigounis, Sandro Feliziani, James Freeman, Peter Giuliano, Danny Glover, Maurizio Guili, Hanh Nguyen, Vishal Solanki
Director: Hanh Nguyen; Vishal Solanki
Movie length: 80 min

Caffeinated tells the story of coffee through the perspectives of people who have dedicated their lives to it. At every step of the process, it’s the hands that planted the seed, that roasted the beans, that crafted the drink that makes every cup of coffee a story worth telling.

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If you are crazy about News movies with some superior action then Caffeinated is the best film for you. Caffeinated film belongs to News category and is made in 2015. Peter Giuliano is one of my loved actors (who does not enjoy Peter Giuliano?) and this was the main reason why I had to to see this film. Peter Giuliano was the actor who had some magic, who has his own reality. 100%, Caffeinated film is a truly one of the best film in News genre in 2015. Movie time is 80 min. Hey? Still waiting? We know that you will gonna like this movie.

Iron Maiden Maiden England

Title: Iron Maiden Maiden England
Release date: 1989
Genres: Documentary; Music
Actors: Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Steve Harris, Nicko McBrain, Iron Maiden, Steve Harris
Director: Steve Harris
Movie length: 95 min

On November 27th and 28th 1988, Iron Maiden filmed their two sold-out concerts at Birminghams NEC.

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This film was the innovational in 1989. Great music, world-class picture. You will certainly get enjoyment with Iron Maiden Maiden England after spending time with it. The action in Music niche looks really nice and it is most impressive of actions of 1989. In main roles such well-known actors : Dave Murray, Bruce Dickinson and their acting is very cool and brings a lot of great feelings. Dave Murray in one of main roles looks wonderful too. Length of the action is: 95 m and we can tell with 100% confidence that you listen to our advice and to start watching it now. Still waiting? Begin watching the movie right now. Tweet Iron Maiden Maiden England movie… and share with friends.