10,000 Dollars for a Massacre

Title: 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre
Release date: 1967
Genres: Western
Actors: Gianni Garko, Fidel Gonzáles, Loredana Nusciak, Adriana Ambesi, Pinuccio Ardia, Fernando Sancho, Claudio Camaso, Franco Lantieri, Massimo Sarchielli, Ermelinda De Felice, Romolo Guerrieri
Director: Romolo Guerrieri
Movie length: 100 min

Django has become a bounty hunter who is asked to chase a villain who has kidnapped a young girl. Because he is not offered enough money, he decides to join forces with the bandit but he’s double-crossed by the ruthless villain.

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You found good movie to watch right now. Here we gather great links to watch 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre. 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre would be so exciting for all real fans of Western genre. It is so nice and so impressive and everything here looks so cool. On this site u would find cool acting of your favorite actors like Gianni Garko, Ermelinda De Felice, Pinuccio Ardia, Loredana Nusciak who are really professionals and surely know what is what in acting. Yes, some scenes are not attractive and not interesting and that is why the running time of the movie in 100 mins. But this is the problem of director, nor the actors. So, if u want to see some average long movie of year 1967 then 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre is right before u! We think that you will enjoy this film. It is just my personal opinion.

Beyond The Law

Title: Beyond The Law
Release date: 1968
Genres: Western
Actors: Lee Van Cleef, Antonio Sabato, Gordon Mitchell, Lionel Stander, Bud Spencer, Graziella Granata, Herbert Fux, Carlo Gaddi, Ann Smyrner, Enzo Fiermonte, Giorgio Stegani
Director: Giorgio Stegani
Movie length: 90 min

A trio of thieves plot to steal a town’s silver shipment but a turn of events makes them the town’s heroes.

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This story is not only a top-quality must see and stunning film, but it is destined to be a top rated. Interested in having wonderful time with some Western film? Check up Beyond The Law with Gordon Mitchell in one of main roles and other well-known actors like: Gordon Mitchell, Ann Smyrner, Enzo Fiermonte, Bud Spencer, Giorgio Stegani and you would not ever regret. This is one of the most impressive and really best of all actions in 1968 and we strongly recommend you to examine it right now. The running time of the action is 90 m and you would not stay dissapointed. Hey! Still waiting? We know that you will get pleasure from this action.

Ace High

Title: Ace High
Release date: 1968
Genres: Comedy; Western
Actors: Eli Wallach, Terence Hill, Brock Peters, Kevin McCarthy, Bud Spencer, Livio Lorenzon, Steffen Zacharias, Tiffany Hoyveld, Armando Bandini, Remo Capitani, Giuseppe Colizzi
Director: Giuseppe Colizzi
Movie length: 122 min

A recently-escaped bandit forms an unlikely alliance with two bounty hunters and an acrobat to get revenge against the people who framed him.

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Believe us that you are a lucky person because you came to the right place, the place where you would find the Comedy movie that you would like so much! Ace High is made by people who know what is what in making wonderful actions and Eli Wallach, Remo Capitani, Terence Hill here acting so nicely and on they all are on right places. We can tell without doubts that the movie of 1968 and with running time of 122 mins would be added by you to your favorite collection and that you would watch it some more times after watching it for the first time. Ace High story is not only a good romantic and good film, but it’s supposed to be a top. We think that you 100% will like this film. It is just my point of view.

The Cariboo Trail

Title: The Cariboo Trail
Release date: 1950
Genres: Western
Actors: Randolph Scott, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes, Bill Williams, Karin Booth, Victor Jory, Douglas Kennedy, Jim Davis, Dale Robertson, Mary Stuart, James Griffith, Edwin L. Marin
Director: Edwin L. Marin
Movie length: 81 min

Montanans Jim Redfern and Mike Evans head into Canada’s British Columbia via the Cariboo Trail intent to raise cattle and dig for gold but find trouble instead.

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Just my imho. The Cariboo Trail movie is just an ok for one time watch. It could have been a really good movie but they ruined it with that stupid music quality. The Cariboo Trail Western movie was released in early 1950. Randolph Scott, Karin Booth, Dale Robertson make this movie terrific to watch. Just my conclusion. Still waiting? Begin watching the movie right now. Tweet The Cariboo Trail movie… and share it.

The Story of the Kelly Gang

Title: The Story of the Kelly Gang
Release date: 1906
Genres: Biography; Crime; Drama; History; Western
Actors: Elizabeth Tait, John Tait, Norman Campbell, Bella Cola, Will Coyne, Sam Crewes, Jack Ennis, John Forde, Vera Linden, Mr. Marshall, Charles Tait
Director: Charles Tait
Movie length: 70 min

True story of notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly (1855-80).

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You will certainly get tons of cool feelings and will like acting of John Forde, Sam Crewes during pleasurable pastime with The Story of the Kelly Gang, the best of all History movies of 1906. The idea of The Story of the Kelly Gang is fascinating and acting of John Forde makes it so realistic and so good. We give rate 10 from 10 and we give a recommendation to everybody to start watching it now! There are only 70 minutes that will bring you a lot of great pleasurable emotions. You need to watch remarkable movie tonight? We hope that you will love this movie. 😉 Like this film and share with friends.

Run of the Arrow

Title: Run of the Arrow
Release date: 1957
Genres: Western
Actors: Rod Steiger, Sara Montiel, Brian Keith, Ralph Meeker, Jay C. Flippen, Charles Bronson, Olive Carey, H.M. Wynant, Neyle Morrow, Frank DeKova, Samuel Fuller
Director: Samuel Fuller
Movie length: 86 min

When the South loses the war, Confederate veteran O’Meara goes West, joins the Sioux, takes a wife and refuses to be an American but he must choose a side when the Sioux go to war against the U.S. Army.

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How do you suppose why Run of the Arrow from Western category got the average rating from us? Because it is the very average and there are not many interesting things to watch in it. But if you got a lot of boring free time and looking forward to spend 86 m of it then this action of year 1957 is your chance to spend it in a little bit more pleasurable way. But if telling the truth, the acting of Jay C. Flippen in main role and outstanding Jay C. Flippen, Samuel Fuller, H.M. Wynant in other roles is not cool at all. Run of the Arrow movie is a pretty decent movie, filled with some fast moments. Still waiting? Go and start watching the movie right now. Do not hesitate to bookmark this page.

The Battle at Elderbush Gulch

Title: The Battle at Elderbush Gulch
Release date: 1913
Genres: Short; Action; Western
Actors: Mae Marsh, Leslie Loveridge, Alfred Paget, Robert Harron, Lillian Gish, Charles Hill Mailes, William A. Carroll, Frank Opperman, Henry B. Walthall, Joseph McDermott, D.W. Griffith
Director: D.W. Griffith
Movie length: 29 min

The fact that an Indian tribe is eating puppies starts an action packed battle in a western town.

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You got right movie to see now. This is the crazy! If you did not see this movie yet then you should watch it. Open your eyes to this crazy story. There are tons of fascinating actions in Action genre that were released in 1913 but we are sure that The Battle at Elderbush Gulch is the best of them! And you should just check up all stuff that wait for you to be checked up in the action and there are absolutely no doubts that you would not ever regret about this choice or other things like that. Running time of The Battle at Elderbush Gulch is 29 min. Such wonderful actors like Lillian Gish, Joseph McDermott are playing here and their acting is nice. The director made right choice with Lillian Gish that is the actor of the main role of the action and makes it looking outstanding and cool. Yo! Still waiting? We know that you are going to love this movie.

The Sundowners (1950)

Title: The Sundowners (1950)
Release date: 1950
Genres: History; Action; Adventure; Western; Romance
Actors: Robert Preston, Robert Sterling, Chill Wills, Cathy Downs, John Litel, Jack Elam, Don Haggerty, Stanley Price, Clem Fuller, Frank Cordell, George Templeton
Director: George Templeton
Movie length: 83 min

Brother is pitted against brother in this tale of fueding ranchers in the old west.

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Good movie. The Sundowners (1950) at least is a something cool and innovative in 1950. You would definitely enjoy with The Sundowners (1950) after examining it. The movie in Adventure category looks really nice and it is best of all actions of 1950. Acting very famous actors : Cathy Downs, John Litel, Robert Sterling, Stanley Price, Robert Preston and acting of theirs is very cool and brings a lot of great feelings. Cathy Downs in main role looks so nice too. Running time of the movie is: 83 mins and we can tell without doubts that you should just follow our advice and start getting pleasure with it now. Don’t wait. Start watching the movie right now. Like this movie; and share with friends.

100 Rifles

Title: 100 Rifles
Release date: 1969
Genres: Adventure; Western
Actors: Jim Brown, Raquel Welch, Burt Reynolds, Fernando Lamas, Dan O’Herlihy, Eric Braeden, Michael Forest, Aldo Sambrell, Soledad Miranda, Alberto Dalbés, Tom Gries
Director: Tom Gries
Movie length: 110 min

In 1912 Sonora, Mexico, native revolutionary Yaqui Joe robs a bank to buy arms for his oppressed people, but finds himself sought by an American lawman and the Mexican Army.

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100 Rifles story is a truly funny story with lots of superior action. If you are a devotee of a Adventure films then just get congratulations cause it is one of the greatest films ever in this genre. The movie 100 Rifles of 1969 year. Such famous actors like Fernando Lamas, Michael Forest, Jim Brown are playing their roles really exciting and sometimes you even forget that it is film and start perceive it like a real world. Of course, some moments are very long and there are sometimes a boring and unnecessary dialogs too and that is why the length of the film is 110 m. Watch 100 Rifles now and we are almost absolutely sure you will love it. Have ideas? Submit them in our form. You must register.

The Law of 45′s

Title: The Law of 45′s
Release date: 1935
Genres: Western
Actors: Guinn 'Big Boy&#x27, Williams, Molly O'Day, Al St. John, Ted Adams, Lafe McKee, Fred Burns, Curley Baldwin, Martin Garralaga, Broderick O'Farrell, James Sheridan, John P. McCarthy
Director: John P. McCarthy
Movie length: 57 min

Lawyer Rontel has made Geologist Sheffield his prisoner and by power of attorney is using his money to buy the ranches of those driven off by his hired men. But when he goes after Hayden, Tucson and Stoney arrive and things begin to change.

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Just my conclusion. The Law of 45â€ēs movie is just an ok for one time watch. It could have been a cool movie but they killed it with that stupid sound. The Law of 45â€ēs Western movie was produced in late 1935. Fred Burns, Molly O'Day, Curley Baldwin, Broderick O'Farrell made this Western flick so great. We hope that you 100% will get pleasure from this film. 😉 Bookmark this film and share with friends.