Time Will Tell

Title: Time Will Tell
Release date: 2018
Genres: Drama; Sci-Fi; Thriller
Actors: Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Ilias Addab, Miranda Wilson, McKell David, Mark Fleischmann, Louise Breckon-Richards, William Sutton, Berget Lewis, Chandler Bullock, Eli Thorne, Tonnie Dinjens
Director: Tonnie Dinjens
Movie length: 90 min

Rebellious teenager Kim Temple (Louisa Connolly-Burnham) has a strange affliction that makes her feel very insecure: stressful situations cause her to lose consciousness. And stress is bound to increase since her criminal father, whom she fears deeply, is about to be released from prison. Kim’s life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers her sleeping fits enable her to peek into the past. Trying desperately to keep her father locked up, she forces herself into ever more dangerous situations and emotional distress that lead to more revealing ‘sleeping fits’. Although she finds a friend to help her, time travel proves to be very perilous for Kim. Her health deteriorates to the point where her condition becomes life threatening. But with so much at stake, quitting is not an option.
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